ShellExecute() takes too long

Posted on 2007-07-31
Last Modified: 2013-11-20
I have a ShellExecute() call in an application that opens Firefox.exe:

            hdl = ShellExecute(
            NULL,            // parent window
            "open",            // verb: open = "double-click"
            "C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe",      
            NULL,            // no parameters passed to program being opened
            NULL,            // default directory
            SW_NORMAL);                  // flags: open
when a button on an MFC dialog box is selected.  The problem is that it takes about 30 seconds to open Firefox this way, while if I double click a shortcut on my desktop that's set to

                                            C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

Firefox opens right away.  What's taking ShellExecute() so long and how can I open Firefox faster from my application?

Question by:steva
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    >> how can I open Firefox faster from my application?

    I just made a test and at my side it just open normally without any delay. However you may try to execute same using WinExec() or CreateProcess() API to check if that makes any difference to ensure if its just shellexecute issue.


    WinExec("C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe",SW_SHOWNORMAL);



    CreateProcess(  NULL,"C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe",NULL, NULL,FALSE,0,NULL,NULL,&si,&pi )

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    just a NOTE :
    You've got the last parameter of ShellExecute wrong - it should be "SW_SHOWNORMAL"  instead of SW_NORMAL however that should not cause any problems.


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    It looks like winuser.h defines both as 1:

     * ShowWindow() Commands
    #define SW_HIDE             0
    #define SW_SHOWNORMAL       1
    #define SW_NORMAL           1
    #define SW_SHOWMINIMIZED    2
    #define SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED    3
    #define SW_MAXIMIZE         3
    #define SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE   4
    #define SW_SHOW             5
    #define SW_MINIMIZE         6
    #define SW_SHOWNA           8
    #define SW_RESTORE          9
    #define SW_SHOWDEFAULT      10
    #define SW_FORCEMINIMIZE    11
    #define SW_MAX              11

    I'll try your other ideas tomorrow.  Thanks.
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    >>The problem is that it takes about 30 seconds to open Firefox this way

    If that behaviour is the same when doubleclicking on a HTML file, there is a configuration issue. You cannot compare that to starting FF directly.

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    Double-clicking an html file opens up FireFox ok.  

    I think the problem is the way I've programmed this. When the application I've written first runs it checks the license and if it's still temporary it brings up a Buy.exe program that offers a chance to buy a permanent license.  The application starts us Buy.exe with ShellExecuteEx, passing the number of days left on the temporary license. The application can't continue until Buy.exe returns - either by the user deciding to continue with the temporary license or to purchase a permanent license - so the application waits with

          do {
                      GetExitCodeProcess(ShellExecuteInfo.hProcess, &ExitCode); //  check status of Buy.exe
                while(ExitCode == STILL_ACTIVE);

    If you look at Task Manager you can see that 99% of the CPU time is spent in this apolication  loop while Buy.exe is running so I suspect that Buy.exe is only getting about 1 out of every 100 CPU cycles to go off and start FireFox, hence the delay.

    Any suggestions on the correct way to code this?

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    Accepted Solution

    >>Any suggestions on the correct way to code this?

    Yes, change that to


    This will wait at 0% CPU load.

    BTW, you could also use

    DWORD ExecuteAndWaitForCompletion   (   LPSTR   pszCmd)
       STARTUPINFO         si;

       BOOL                bRes;

       DWORD               dwCode  =   0;

       MSG                           msg;

       ZeroMemory  (   &si,    sizeof  (   STARTUPINFO));

       si.cb           =   sizeof  (   STARTUPINFO);
       si.dwFlags      =   STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW;
       si.wShowWindow  =   SW_SHOWNORMAL;

       bRes    =   CreateProcess   (   NULL,

       while   (   WAIT_OBJECT_0   !=  MsgWaitForMultipleObjects   (   1,
                   while   (   PeekMessage (   &msg,   NULL,   0,  0,  PM_REMOVE))
                               DispatchMessage     (   &msg);

       GetExitCodeProcess  (   pi.hProcess,    &dwCode);

       CloseHandle (   pi.hProcess);
       CloseHandle (   pi.hThread);

       return  (   dwCode);

    which is quite a time-tested function here on EE.

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    works!  And I'll store away the other code in my toolbox.


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