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How-To: Capture about 30-45 sec. of a movie into its own .WAV file


I have done what I am asking for quite a few times in the past, but it was so long ago that I've forgotten how to do it (basically what software I need) ...

So, here is the deal:

#1:  I have a DVD movie playing ... say it is about 2.5 hours long.
#2:  There is a scene or two in the movie that I want to 'capture'
#3:  I want to have this 30-45 second 'scene' 'copied' from the entire DVD into its own .WAV file
#4:  I want to be able to double-click on the .WAV file and watch the clip I captured

I might be leaving out something, but I'm sure from the description above, you can understand what it is that I want to do.

Example:  I pulled out from a DVD of the Super Bowl the last play of the game ... 4th down and 9 to go.  That incomplete pass was a scene that is about 45 seconds long.  Now, I can simply watch that single last play over and over ... at will by double-clicking on the .WAV file I have saved.

Thank you!
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1 Solution
no probs pugdog_fan
I use cam studio for this exact situation,  you choose a regeon to record as well, I use media player classic to play the dvd as its slim lined alo vlc player. WMP is too bulky.
also sometimes you may have to di-able direct draw as screen capture can produce just a black screen, if this happens what you do is pause the movie first before starting the capture then start recording if it produces a black screen result then open the run at start> type in dxdiag press enter open the display menue look down and see the enable directdraw acceleration temporary dis-able this feature.
You should now be able to record/capture no probs just put it back later as your video card needs this for some actions.
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording SoftwareRecords screen activity from the Windows desktop into standard AVI movie files. It is an ideal tool for creating software demonstrations and active
Enjoy if you have any problems just write and we'll see if we can resolve them
note that it comes with a small program called producer which converts your capture to swf as well.
Just re-reading do you want to capture the audio only aspect?
MP3 My MP3 Recorder - Record sounds and music to MP3 Free!MP3myMP3 Recorder works directly with your system sound card - if you can hear it, you can record it! Use the scan tool to list all mp3, wav, aif,  
Record internet radio and save to mp3 or wav.
Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds
try chopperxp to cut the scene from dvd .vob files and then use mediacoder to convert it to any audio or video format
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Sorry Merete, but I'm with 'yours harjeet' on this one.
Also, isn't anyone going to mention that WAV files are audio files, not video files?
<Super Bowl the last play of the game ... 4th down and 9 to go.  That incomplete pass was a scene that is about 45 seconds long.  Now, I can simply watch that single last play over and over>
Obviously you were supporting the defending side -- or you're pissed that there was interference or something and want to relive the agony, over and over.
I haven't used ChopperXP, but also most video editing software will open a (non-protected) DVD's vob files for editing and give you several choices as to how to save the video clip. Ulead and Premiere will do this.
Just to clarify vob files contain MPEG-2 files with additional information like chapters that tell them how to behave on a DVD player.
You finish or save on whichever format is suitable to your player or viewing. Like if you're going to watch the clip on Windows Media Player you can finish in the wmv format etc..

pugdog_fan  any progress?
I didn't know that the Pugdogs made the Superbowl last year!
I'm off to work
Ausiepedia says that "chow" is Australian for ciao (apologies to all the Italians). I've been meaning to ask
what do you do for a crust; is it IT?
pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:

I downloaded and installed CamStudio

Can you tell me where I can get MP classic?  
I am currently using WinDVD 7 I think.

The concern I have with CamStudio ... is that I do not know how to RESIZE the screen before I press RECORD ... the default screen size is too small for me.

Also, when recording with CamStudio ... is audio being recorded at the same time the video is be recorded?

There seems to be plenty more uses for CamStudio then what I am wanting, so it will help with other presentation ideas I have since thought of ... this is a great idea for training and other screen capturing ...

neat program.

Is there any disadvantage in the 'quality' of the .AVI because it seems this program is more of a capture program then a true recording software solution.


<Can you tell me where I can get MP classic? >
You could try to 'Google' it.
pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:
I don't mind using my existing DVD player ...

To wrap this up, I would like to know the answers to these sub-questions (because I am getting into this CAMStudio software) ... it is almost like the great Snag-IT software.

#1:  I found out how to turn the program in to FULL screen prior to the capture, but I cannot find out how to REMOVE the dialog box for CamStudio because that is appearing in the final capture window ... that is a drag ...

#2:  Is the final output of the .AVI file (both for sound and video) ... just as good (in a nutshell) as if I would be using other standard video/sound editing tools because this program seems a bit grainy and more of a screen capturing process.

So far though, this is cool.
<#2:  Is the final output of the .AVI file (both for sound and video) ... just as good (in a nutshell) as if I would be using other standard video/sound editing tools>
...not even close.
pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:

If this is the case ... and saying I wanted a GOOD video capture of a 45 second clip from a 2 hour full DVD ... what program would you suggest?

Also, on another side note ... why do I have this EXTRA little darn 'mark' to the right of my standard cusor when I am using EE???  It looks like a 'spec' on my screen, and I can't tell you how many times I've tried to wipe it off already (ha ha ha).

Can I turn that darn thing OFF?
How about the above suggestion from 'yours_harjeet':
<try chopperxp to cut the scene from dvd .vob files and then use mediacoder to convert it to any audio or video format>

Here's the rationale (my version): You are firstly  taking a DVD, which has been encoded with a very good (but bandwidth and storage size hungry) codec, MPEG-2. The DVD would have been encoded with a display resolution of 720 scan lines each containing 480 pixels (if it's NTSC). So to answer your question of getting that quality back, I don't believe you will even go close. Firstly because you have to re-encode that MPEG-2 with the screen capture codec and at the display resolution that it is suited for -- usually much smaller.  So its just like a digital still camera -- if you haven't got the pixels you  haven't got the quality -- and you are also encoding with an inferior codec to that of MPEG-2.
pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:
I guess I will try and use CamStudio ... just to see how much of a loss things look and sound (from the original DVD).  After that, I will know first hand if I like it or not.
morning all lots of posting going on, :)
okay to resize before recording open the media player and have your movie  added on but paused at the start,  size the screen now then drag it to one side of the monitor,
(2) open cam studio and have it beside it on the left lets say,
 so that your mouse doesnt cross over the panel when stopping the recording,
 in cam studio look at the top bar of options,>> regeon, select this hit record and it produces a small hand holding like a cross put this in the top left hand corner of the media player and drag it down to the right bottom corner as oon as you release it starts to record. then press play pn your media player hit stop on Cam studio and it ofers to save as, youmay have to check the settings of Cam Studio as it plays back yoru recording as soon as the capture is processed.
Play around with it test it out using different sizes. It works great with that mpemymp3, once your capture is done you p[layback the capture on a different time and use mp3mymp3 to record the audio aspect only, you can use mp3mymp3 with any audio that you can hear in your speakers so it opens lots of possibilities.
media player classic with divx codecs
media player classic for xp probably the same
I also have VLC player great player nice quality
I think I have covered it all if I have I missed anything please ask if you need more details.
Cheers Merete
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