Wireless AP - RV Park - 802.11g or 802.11b and what TX rate? WAP54GPE

I most likely already know this but it never hurts to ask and confirm.  I have an RV park and we just got a Linksys WAP54GPE and an 9db antenna.  It is used only for internet and nothing else.  I want to make sure I can cover as much area as possible.

If I only set it to be 802.11b and lower the tx rate to either 2 or 5 mbps is this going to give me any advantages?  If not what is the best way to get the best output for this unit?

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Changing the protocol or speed won't affect the range you can cover. People on the far end of the range may get a lower rate anyhow only because of a weaker signal. If you leave it at 11mbits and they are far away, they might only get 5mbits. If you set it at 5 and they are far away, they might only get 1 or 2.

What you should do instead (although it would require running cable, is to put a second access point at the opposite end of the field, and set them up so that people will connect to the one that gives them the stronger signal.
There are a lot of variables you have failed to mention(how big is area, terrain, vegetation etc). However, from what I've read about the product, even though it is for outdoor use, I would try and place some kind of weather protection in place (from rain). Also, I would set it up at the most convenient point and start walking with my notebook with some kind of network monitor software running to kind of get a feeling of what my coverage would be. Lay of land, pine trees etc can affect coverage.
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I ended up duming the linksys and stayed with the EnGenius Senao EOC-3220.  1 as a main AP and two others as WDS.  We had to upgrade the antennas to the 7db to get coverage.  We are now looking at where to move the units from their original locations to cover the spots with no coverage.  The park is probably 300 yards long by 100 yards.  There are a million trees so this is causing alot of our issues.  We are most likely going to add a 3rd WDS to cover more area.

Trees, Metal RV's just don't make good wireless coverage.. ugh.
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