Can I remvoe a folder icon"Solution Items" in my vs2005?

Hi I'm using vs2005, .net 2 for windows application.  I have a solution with 1 project and recently I added an existing project to it so now there is 2 projects.  I just noticed there is a folder icon"Solution Items" under my solution in vs.  There is nothing there.  Can I remove this item?  Thanks.
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Hi lapucca,

Yeah you can remove it.  I however prefer to keep it and add my stored procedures, bat files, text files into it purely as it allows for easy access within Visual Studio.  Either way it wouldn't cause your project any harm to remove it or keep it.
What I like to do when I dont know what will happen, is copy all my project to another place, and then I can delete without any worries, if anything goes wrong, the whole project is copied back.

I think that you are free to delete this folder, especially since there is nothing in it. I dont have any folder with such name, even in solutions where I have two projects.

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