Harddrive with Windows XP Professional won't work in another laptop

I'm trying to place my harddrive from another laptop into a new laptop that I have.
From compaq to Toshiba.
The harddrive from compaq has win XP professional on it.  The harddrive in Toshiba has Win XP Home edition.
I took the harddrive out of the compaq and placed it into an HP laptop and it booted up, no problem, just needed to load drivers, however, when I try to put the same hard drive into my Toshiba laptop,when I boot up i get this message: "This copy of Windows must be activated with Micrososft before you can log in.  Do you want to activate Windows now?" I click yes, then,  i get to the login screen, enter my login information and then the Windows Product Activation screen comes up that says "Windows is already activated, click ok to exit"
I click ok then it takes me back to the login screen, and continues to loop through the above steps all over again.  How can I fix this?

Thanks- I've got work to do with this harddrive
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CircleblueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft is tracking OS licenses by hardware configuration..  since it was activated on an HP and now it detects it is in a different configuration (TOSHIBA) it is trying to activate again.  Seems like you are trying to save a few bucks on a license.  Not worth the hassle, just buy another copy.  

What you describe is not a recommended procedure - it often fails or, at the very least, cause problems (not only MS licens-related). Save your data and reinstall is perhaps the best approach.
rid is correct.

There are going to be tons of issues.

You need to either do a fresh install , or at least do a backup of your data and then do a repair install.

XP does NOT like being moved to different hardware.

I hope this helps !
i agree with the above (NOT recommended) but if you want to do it, look here :

http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/moving_xp.html                  Moving XP
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/249694                                "         "   
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