Unable to configure server extensions 2002 - not authorized?

I am trying to configure frontpage server extensions for a virtual directory like I have done a thousand times before, but today it won't let me. I have a master domain I use for sandbox development with multiple virtual directories created within it (www.MyDomain.com/new_project).

To create a new development project, I simply create the folder within the master domain web, and then open IIS and right click on the newly created folder and select 'Properties'. Then I click on 'Create' to create the New Application and click 'Ok'. At that point the virtual directory is created and the folder icon turns into the 'gear' to indicate that it is a virtual web directory. Everythign is fine at this point.

My next step is to right click on the icon and select All Tasks>>Configure Server Extensions 2002 which opens IE and pops up the Username and Password dialog box like it has done hundreds of times before. But for some inexplicable reason, it refuses to accept the password - any password. I have tried all three admin accounts in the system, and it just ignores them like they don't exist, and after 3 attempts it always closes the dialog box and says I'm not authorized.I've tried the domain admins, the server admins and even the enterprise admin account - no luck.

This is VERY frustrating... I do this at least once a week as I have been doing for years, and now today when I am under a deadline, it's being difficult. I have changed nothing and I have not done anything to IIS. Why did this work on Friday, but not today? Any suggestions?
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cj_1969Connect With a Mentor Commented:
strange ... I agree.
It could be permissions, as I've mentioned, even without renaming the server.  Its possible that something in the updates you are talking about affected a change that you are not aware of.  MS Servers and applications are odd when it comes to little things like this.
Give the password sync a try and see if it fixes it.  If not then check your logs/event view logs and see if there is anything in them that might point to what is happening.  Any error messages will help in identifying the underlying cause of the problem.
mmsiAuthor Commented:
OK, I have still not resolved the problem, but I have discovered that I have no permission to recalculate any of the webs on my server for some unknown reason. However, I did log into the master website remotely using FrontPage and right clicked on the folder I was trying make a subweb out of, and selected "make it a website" and it created the extensions for me. So I found a way around the solution, but not the solution. I am still anxious to get any assistance possible in finding out why I suddenly lost all permissions on my own webserver through IIS.
Sounds like this might be a backend password problem with IIS.
Was the server renamed after IIS was installed by any chance?
Any way ... try running C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts\synciwam.vbs and then stop and start IIS and see if this clears up the problem.
mmsiAuthor Commented:
Actually, no - the server has never been renamed as far as I know. We have been using the same web server for more than five years with no issues (other than space - we are costantly having to go in and delete files from unused webs to make room on the drive). I will try your solution when I get into the office. Although I do not believe that connecting remotely will affect the outcome, removing every possible variable from the equation will help eliminate obstacles to finding one. it worked fine literally three days ago, we did our scheduled updates over the weekend, then on Monday I was unable to configure the server extensions on any web. Very strange.
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