usb stick not working

When I put a usb storage device (ANY) into my computer it doesn't work.
Some things I noticed. In my computer I have drives that don't work from drive letter e to k..
they are all removable storage drives. They don't get deleted when i move my usb stick.
does anyone have a solution?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
any errors in device manager?
you can also delete all usb entries from device manager, reboot and test
Wich OS are you running?
check the number of USB Root Hubs listed in the device manager.  You should have 1 for each USB port connection.
Then double click on "my computer"  and delete all showing USB drives that are still showing devices.  
Make sure there are no conflicts or yellow ! on the USB hubs in the device manager.
If all looks good, reboot and attempt to reconnect you storage device.
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