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We have 16 computers connected in Internet in P2P network via a hub. We acquired this internet connection by subscribing from a commercial provider. Just recently our company has provided us the corporate Intraweb by means of IP radio. We don't want to mix this up for security reason so we bought another hub for intraweb using the same cable thinking that by just moving the connector to intraweb hub and changing the IP Adresses we can toggle to the intraweb and internet. My problem is whenever I change the connector to the Intraweb hub my LAN connection become unplug. Is there anybody provide me help?
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Raymond ZwartsNetwork EngineerCommented:
In its simplest form you have two kinds of UTP cables meant for use in IP / ethernet networks.

Straight and Cross-over. Depending on where you are connecting your hub to you will need a straight or cross-over cable.


Intraweb might expect a crosscable, where your internet provider expects a straight cable (or the other way around).

Hope this helps
Raymond ZwartsNetwork EngineerCommented:
Try a cross over cable instead of a straight cable.
mamarijjAuthor Commented:
Forgive me but I don't understand what you mean by cross over cable. I am using RJ-45 cable
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