Time lag between mouse movement and cursor movement on Secondary display

Client has a toshiba satellite u200 series laptop, running two displays, one is the standard laptop screen and the other is 22" lcd display. The secondary display as the main display. She is using logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. The problem arises when she uses the mouse, there is lag of a second or so, between the mouse moving and the cursor moving on the screen, but there is no lag on the laptop monitor. I have tried using a wired mouse as well and this is causing the same problem. The problem arises, when due to the delay she clicks on the mouse buttons too many times, and it slows down her work. She is very irritated with this, cause this slows her down. I have contacted toshiba, they told me to download the display drivers, in the hope that it would resolve the issue. The recommended settings are 1024x768, but she uses the 1240x  1024. Is there anyway we can resolve the issue with the lag. I am presuming that the VGA on the notebook cant handle the larger screen thus the lag, but client is not willing to understand this.
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CircleblueConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It sounds like a case of the performance of the refresh rate of the LCD is not adequate..  see this link, same symptoms...


I would tell my customer that their monitor is not fast enough to keep up with the mouse and have a model in mind before talking to him/her.  
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

Just start the System-Monitor. When the CPU usage settles move your pointer in both screens and show that CPU usage does not change between monitors.

you might also want to start some graphics programs and move it between screens and show that this is about the screen. (Since CPU usage will not change so much between runs in different monitors but the performance will)

Latency on large screens if they are not HD Ready is a known issue. All you would do is to show the proof to your customer.

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