Is it possible to open a .DOTX file in office 2003?


Is it possible to open a .DOTX file  (Word template) in office 2003?
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Greetings LFC1980 !

You cannot open Office Word 2007 template files that were saved in .dotx or .dotm format with the Compatibility Pack.

Reference: under Install Compatiblity Pack subtopic.

Best wishes, war1
Open a Word 2007 document in an earlier version of Word
LFC1980Author Commented:
So does that mean the .DOTX is NOT supported with the 2007-2003 converter
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SheharyaarSaahilCommented: cannot open/edit/save a word 2007 file using the earlier versions of word without installing the above compatibility patch.
LFC1980Author Commented:
It's not a .doCX file. It's a template .doTX.

I've just installed the converter and am unable to open it. So i assume it's not supported
>> It's not a .doCX file. It's a template .doTX.
it applies to both of them :)
You can convert docx and dotx files to RTF/PDF format with a freeware app called NW Docx Converter

There are a couple other apps out there as well, but this one is simple, straight forward and portable so you can drop it onto your IT USB keydrive for use anywhere.

Hope this helps.
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