Symantec Gateway 5620 - Admin Interface problem

I have a symantec 5620 (build 3.0.1) gateway and the admin interface is a little sporadic.  I can log in fine but lately it is consistently refusing to display the firewall rules and sometimes also the network interfaces.  Most of the options in the left hand side of the navigation tree load just fine but the ones I want in particular, ie. Interfaces and Firewall Rules just won't display.

The firewall itself is running fine and processing traffic, I need to make some changes is all!  Anyone had a similar experience?
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Hey mate,

I would say you are running Java 1.6

It's not supported for the SGMI. It will lock up in different areas of it. Reinstall a previous version of Java to resolve the issue.

This issue will be resolved in a future bundle, which is slated for release within the next few months.
tini1709Author Commented:
Diamond geezer, rolled back to 1.5 and presto.  Thanks very much :-)
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