Slow opening files and browsing network.

Our  network has been struggling lately and I was wondering why or how it could happen just all of the sudden.  It seems that users are experiencing problems when browsing the network and when opening files.  It can take up to two minutes to open a 2 MB Excel spreadsheet and sometimes 30 seconds to see the contents of a folder on the server.

It isn't a problem for EVERYONE, but a majority of folks are seeing the problem.  Any ideas?
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I was going to say DNS but if the problem only happened recently (without any system change) then it seems not to be the case. But it won't hurt for you to check that Preferred DNS server is pointing to YOUR DNS server (usually your DC) and not your ISP's.

Do you use any hubs within your network? You know those box that let you plug 4-8 cables to one socket? If so, check if any port is faulty (isolate the hub and plug in a laptop and ping the server repeatedly over a period of time, see if you get any lost packets).
rcooper83Author Commented:
No loss of packets.  No hubs really.  Only one of the persons having the problem is hooked up through a hub.  Some are working through wireless, some are plugged directly into the switch, and only one is on the hub.

Also, DNS is correct...
A message for Ormerodrutter.  Could you please view 23210841 and advise if you have a view on this - a similar problem.

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