Loading multiple applications on new PC's

I constantly build PC's, by that I take a new PC reformat the hard drive and then load each application one at a time.  I start with Windows XP (which we have altered to fit our companies requirments), then load proprietary applications which I receive on CD's.  There are approx 35 different applications that I have choices to use.  Some PC's only require 5, others may require 20 each is different for different users.

QUESTION: Is there a software application or system that would allow me to place all the apps on a screen that I could choose which I need to load and have the apps load automatically.  I have removeable hard drives that go up to over 100G.  I would like to place all the apps on the drive and then load the PC's from that.  I need to start somewhere so any help would be appreciated.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i think you need something like this :

put all your applications into the menu, and select whatever you want to install

here another one : http://www.pcdownloadworld.com/system-utilities/launchers/cdmenu.htm
By 'removable hard drive' do you mean a USB/fireware external hard drive?

If so, copy the entire contents of each CD to a separate folder on the hard drive, renaming the folder  to reflect the name of the application in the directory.  Then, you would connect your drive to the computer, browse to the folders for the applications you need, and install them from the hard drive that way.

Every CD will easily fit on a 100 GB external hard drive, so you'd only need the one drive.

I am unaware of a software program that would centralize or automate this process for you, but I don't think you really need one.
Hi nkwhftw

Are these apps able to be installed silently, if so than all you do is copy the contents as GCD1 pointed out than at the root of the Drive Create a shortcuts folder, now create shortcuts for each of your software programs, so for e.g. F:\Setup.msi /qb /norestart than all you need to do is click on the corresponding shortcut to install the program.

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Greetings nkwhftw !

If the hardware are all the same, you can use an image program to image the hard drive that is fully loaded and configure the way you want.  Save the content to external hard drive.  Then you can use the image to install other hard drive easlity.

Aronis True Image

Norton Ghost

Best wishes, war1
ALso, you should use Sysprep to create the standard images, and also install the minimum required applications.

Then just add the optional ones.

You could also create sysprep images of some of the more standard installs to save even more time.

See the MS site for more info on sysprep.

I hope this helps !
nkwhftw, any update?
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