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Hi All,
We have a web-application (Online booking/reservation system), which is presently hosted on our webserver in a hosting environment. One of the requirements of this application is that whenever a client makes a booking/reservation an automatic email should be sent to that client confirming the booking/reservation.
My query is "How to set-up this outgoing email functionality in the webserver".
If I need to purchase any mail servr software, I do not require any other feature of the mail server software, but just the outgoing mail for every booking/reservation.

The webserver has Windows 2003 R2 standard edition installed. We have IIS6.0 and .NET framework 2.0 for this web application, which are all configured and the project is in initial-testing phase now!

We also have MS-Exchange server 2000 software (NOT installed on the server yet). I am wondering would this exchage-2000 serve the purpose of sending emails. As I have mentioned above we do not require any other features of a typical mail server, but just outgoing/sending emails.

Could someone suggest how to setup this in our websever and would I be needing any third party software for this setup (I mean since I already have exchange server 2000, do I require something else???)

Pleae advice.............

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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, SMTP can only send emails.  If you wanted to receive email (and therefore store it in some mailboxes), then you will need something else, such as Exchange.
You should be able to send mail through IIS alone.  If you go into Add/Remove Programs/Windows Components , then Application Server/IIS , you will see the SMTP Service listed.  This should be all you need.  Installing Exchange would work too, but is a bit of a waste, and would take up a lot of server resources, even if you don't use the mailbox-based features.
nvrkakarlaAuthor Commented:
Hi Lee,
Thanks for your promt reply!
Could you also suggest me, if we "Ever" wanted to recieve emails to this webserver in future, can we do that using this IIS email-setup alone (I mean without any mail server software)?
I dont think so - but just wanted to confirm?????

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