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How well does AVG Corporate compare with Symantec Antivirus 10.0.1?

We are currently running Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition, version 10.0.1.  Although I have never been a fan of Norton's desktop antivirus (you all know the reasons), in a networked work environment their Corporate edition seems to function fairly well.  However, we're coming up on renewal time and of course I'm looking for a less expensive solution (yet still reliable).  At home I use AVG free edition and have been happy with it for a few years.  I know they have a Corporate edition, but I have no experience with it.  I am looking for comments from experts who have used AVG's corporate edition in a domain environment.  How well does it function?  Is the database updated quickly and accurately?  Does it maintain a low profile (in regards to system resources)?  And, of course, from folks who have used both AVG and Symantec's corporate products, how well to they compare?

Oh yes, domain consists of about 160 workstations (all Win XP Pro) and 15 servers (ranging from W2K to W2K3, with an Exchange server, etc.)

I'll probably keep this question open for a few days to get as much input as possible.  Thanks to all for their suggestions.

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Hello.  I work for a company offering IT solutions.  As part of my work i have setup AVG  on various sites and can offer the following comments.

1.  AVG Antivirus network edition handles resources better than symantec by.  updates are both regular and accurate.  
2.  AVG Internet security on the other hand tends to be visible for resource intensive than just the antivirus package.  This i am told is due to the combination of the two previously different engines - avg (a/v)  and ewido (spyware).  The next version should improve this.
3.  In terms of cost and support , I would say AVG wins hands down.    technical support from Grisoft is fantastic  and i have no complaints.
4.  so minor quibbles. - avg antivirus does not as yet auto scan flash disks on insertion.  it will scan on opening of any program  and a programmed scan can scan all removable drives every minute for example, but no auto scan on insertion.  according to tech support this doesnt matter since every file opened is scanned.  but just a difference worth mentioning.
5.  AVG corporate edition whether internet security of just antivirus has a central admin component which I found a joy to work with.  Like symantec you can administer all your work stations from one point.  But the interface and ease of use are really much better IMHO.
good luck with your selection!
michkoAuthor Commented:
aduhwale - thank you for your input.  I figure if no one has added opposing comments after a week, anyone with an opinion must agree with you.  Your answer was about what I expected, I was mostly looking for supporting opinions.  Thanks again for your answer.

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