Error opening flash - 1600 router

I am unable to copy flash file onto TFTP server for some of my 1600 series routers. A screen shot is shown below:

router1#sh flash
PCMCIA flash directory:
File                Length                  Name/Staus
1                   5312480                c1600-oy-1.120-10.bin
[5312544 bytes used, 3076064 available, 8388608 total]
8192K bytes of processor board PCMCIA flash (Read/Write)

router1#copy flash tftp
Source filename [ ]? c1600-oy-1.120-10.bin
Address or name of remote host [ ]?
Destination filename [c1600-oy-1.120-10.bin]?
%Error opening flash:c1600-oy-1.120-10.bin (no such file or directory)
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TajammalwConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, Thanks for help. I solved the problem by taking leads from the Solutions forum in the EE as shown below:
1. Configured TFTP server in the same subnet as that of the router.
2. Enabling ip forward-protocol udp tftp on one of the affected routers.
Looks like the image has become corropt or deleted.

Can you swap the flash wih another device to see if it works okay on there?

TajammalwAuthor Commented:
Can you show me how to do it? Thanks.
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What do you get when you do the command "show flash"? If you're at a Router1# prompt then you have booted from flash because you loaded the operating system to get there. You may not have enough room on the flash to load the image and that's why your getting that error message. Do a "show flash" and see how much room you have left at the bottom. If you don't have enough, you will need to erase the flash before uploading the new image.
I'm sorry, you're trying to copy from the router, I thought you were trying to copy to it. The error message that you are getting is normally because the image is in a subfolder in flash and your syntax is not correct. Do a "dir flash" to see if your image may be in a directrory.
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