Web host for video site - advice and recommendations

I need advice for a website I am developing which contains a lot of video - it is basically an online showreel. What factors need to be considered in selecting a host - i imagine their upload capabilities and the type of bandwith they can guarantee, method of streaming? etc. - and would anybody have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance
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northcideConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if there is going to be alot of video you'll probably want it to be encoded as flv (macromedia flash).  thats what all the big guys use such as youtube.  its quicker, and 95% of computer users have flash installed and ready to use.

Search for a web host that has that capabilities to do that for you. here is an example of what you might be looking for:  http://www.flvhosting.com/

456838Connect With a Mentor Commented:
capacity and the hosting;s reliability will be the main concern first
once ur sites is stable, only then u may consider about the bandwidth
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