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Is there a central location or a utility to  view all server side rules that have been applied by users? Clients are Outlook 2003 and servers are one Exchange 2000 with users being migrated to Exchange 2007. The reason I need to know is because the main IT guys has left and management wants to know if any users or ex users are forwarding their emails to an outside email address.
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GoofytouyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi jptech!

You must use exchange console, and check users one-by-one if they are being redirected.
This, of course, if you are not using spam filtering solutions as Frontbridge, where you may define rules for forwarding mails before they arrive to your mail servers.

Rick HobbsConnect With a Mentor RETIREDCommented:
No, you cannot examine the server side client rules, but you can just turn off client forwarding in Exchange to make it so nobody can set up rules for forwarding.

Check :

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