Site to Site VPN between Cisco Pix 506 and a Dlink DI-604?


I have read that the Dlink DI-604 supports VPN connections.  I have been tasked with setting up a site to site VPN between this router and another location that uses a Cisco Pix 506.  Is this even possible?  I could not find anything concerning Site to Sites.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Unless they have updated the DI-604 it is not a VPN router. It does allow VPN pass-through, but cannot be configured as a VPN endpoint. A few of the other D-links do have this ability, however D-Link is not a well known company for VPN usage. I would recommend upgrading to a matching Cisco unit such a a PIX 501, or the newer ASA5500 series. If that is not with-in the budget, Linksys makes a nice unit that can be configured, the RV042.
I couldn't find anything on it either for that particular router.    Plenty of info on how to configure it for remote access VPN's (single user), but nothing on site-to-site.

You may want to ask their tech support that question.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks Alan. Good luck with your project.
Cheers !
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