archiving mail boxes in exchange 2003 entreprise

Hi Everyone,

I am running a EXCHANGE 2003 Entreprise addition, and i want to archive all the mail boxes with the criteria of any email older then six month, is there any thing we can do on the server, please bear in mind i dont want to archive individually each mail box.

can i do like any command which will archive every mail box with email older then 6 month and save it on to the network with there username as username.pst

any help will be highly apprecaited.
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Kevin HaysIT AnalystCommented:
Don't believe you can do this yourself with 2003.  GFI has a product that might help, but that requires you to buy the software though.

Of course you probably already make backups of your information store as it is already and exmerge just lets you make backups to pst files.

ammartahir1978Author Commented:
thanks peak peak but this is for future i want to archive all the mail boxes in exchange right now, as they have emails sitting there from ages
I would suggest that you look at using a solution that does not involve PST files.
PST files stored on a network share are not supported and will corrupt very easily.
There are a number of third party solutions that will remove the email from Exchange without using PST files.

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