Removing server 2003 security / policy settings

We have an exchange 2003 server that has some kind of security restrictions applied that are stopping Sophos updates from being downloaded from thier web site.
A previous administrator applied these and we have no record!!
If we block inheritance on the group policy's it lifts restrictions such as ie settings but we still can't download the updates.
We can from PC's on the same network.

Any idea how we can set the server back to its default settings.
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Ok, I would recommend running the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP):

This is a tool from Microsoft with that you can see what effects all the applied GPOs have on a user and/or computer. If you run this you should exactly see which GPOs  and what settings are applied to your server. With that information in hand you should be able to revert the appropriate settings.

Hope this helps.
Are you sure its a group policy thing? Maybe the server is not allowed to access the internet. Could be a restriction on a proxy or firewall.
stuartarundelAuthor Commented:
there isn't a proxy and there is no restrictions on the firewall
It seems to be related to the servers only

Hence we need to reset and policys or security settings that may have been applied
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