Quickbooks 2006, windows SBS 2003, vista client multi-user issues.

I have quickbooks 2006 installed on WIndows small business server 2003.  The data file is in the shard folder on D:\.  I have given permissions to everyone and even tried speciific users, admins etc. but everytime I log into the quickbooks in multi-user mode I get this Warning.  

"The file you specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not currently being used by another program or a read only file.    The Windows error was 'Access is denied'. "

This error shows up like 20-30 times but after that the user can still do what they need to do and it saves, prints etc.  However, this is a vista client.  I know quickbooks 2006 isn't "supported", but it will still work.  Has anyone else came across this situation.  I would think if it was a permission or share issue I wouldn't be able to open it in single user mode without problems.  Like I said I only get this message when I open in multi-user mode.  
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Have you installed Vista patch on your SBS? and
have you tried to run in compatible mode?

Robert Lundqvist
Small Business Specialist
squashie8Author Commented:
Actually I have multiple Vista clients and it worked fine on the other.  I hadn't tried it there before I posted.  I am about to wipe out and reinstall quickbooks on the problem PC.  The trouble I think came from installing 2003 then doing an upgrade.  Hopefully that will fix it.  But I do have the Vista patch on my SBS.
squashie8Author Commented:
Ok reinstalling Quickbooks fresh solved the problem.  
Try disabling Shadowing on shared folder on D:\. where QB database reside
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