Maintaining required printer settings with roaming profiles

Greetings!  I support a network with all  Windows XP Pro workstations (twelve of them) and a Windows 2000 server.  Any one of up to 70 people can use any workstation.  There are several Ricoh printers which each need a code to distinguish which user is requesting a print job so that that user's account can be debited.  I have logged in as each user and have preloaded their code into Ricoh's appropriate setting (which is called Valid Access) for each printer and have saved each profile as a roaming profile.  For a day or so things work correctly but over time, the preloaded codes are missing and the user cannot print.  Is there way of maintaining the Valid Access code so that the printing process works without a hitch?  Ricoh's support team says that roaming profiles is the way of performing this function but they could not demonstrate it.
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Kevin HaysConnect With a Mentor IT AnalystCommented:
With roaming profiles you have entered in "\\servername\share\profile\%username%" in the ADUC tab?  Have you got their application data and my documents redirected also.  I would think the application data may be more of what you need to be redirected than the "my documents" though.  I'm not sure where the code is stored in the profile, but I would think if you are using roaming profiles then you would want the my docs and application data to be redirected as well.
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