File transfers between machines in a DMZ very slow

Hi. I am trying to use VMWare converter in a DMZ environment to do a P2V, but, as in any file transfer between machines in our DMZ, it is reallllllllly slow. A file transfer takes about 2 mins to copy a 1MB file. I asuem this is because it is going through a firewall. Any way to speed things up?
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Did you had a look at the duplex status of the DMZ (firewall dmz port, dmz switch, etc.)

Just an idea..
File transfer through what protocol?

When two machines are both in DMZ, the traffic doesn't necessarily go "through" the firewall.  Can you give a little more details on setup (firewall type, topology, etc.)?
Irish_CementAuthor Commented:
Found an alternative solution, so no longer an issue. Thanks for the advice.
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