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I am setting up Active Directory. This server will be the primary AD. I am now working through a workgroup environment. I am going to setup this AD/DC at another location which happens to be at our ISP location,
I am making this AD a .local domain.
My question is can I give this AD a local Ip address (meaning our ISP local ip we have) and be able to join my workingstations to it from my location that has a VPN to the ISP location. And when I physically move the server to the location will I still be functioning fine.
Or will this hose up my network connection I have VPN through 3 other sites.
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You'll have to put the server at the ISP first.  Unless you can VLAN off the network you're on so the server's subnet can be recreated locally you can't give it a non-local IP and expect it to work.

Once at the ISP and the tunnel is established, as long as your router gives the DNS address of your own server to the clients then it should work.

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c-elAuthor Commented:
So before adding any workstations to this domain you are saying I should move the server to its location.
Then here's the next question when I do this will I be able to join my workstations and servers from different sites to AD with a local Ip
And will my domain function properly with out and outside IP address.

If not please explain the next steps I need to take to make this work.
Thank you and have a great day.
Yes, if your VPN tunnels are correctly configured, then all routing should work properly and you'll be able to get to the server from your remote sites.

As long as routing is perfect and your DNS is the only DNS server the clients can and do use, then this should be fine.

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Active Directory

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