Granting access to another user's mailbox in Exange 2007


Running Exchange 2007 and all clients are using Outlook 2007...

My supervisor (head of IT) has asked me (net admin) to grant them access to another users' mailbox without that person knowing.  Is this possible from the management console or shell?  Normally, I would just set the permission using Outlook, but this is a special situation.


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Is't that illegal?

MS don't recoment that kind of usage.


First set the permissions in Active Directory Users and Computers. Right click the users name and go to properties. Click on the Exchange Advanced Tab and then click Mailbox Rights. Add the supervisor here and give him/her full mailbox access. Click Ok.

Then open up Outlook on the supervisor PC.

Right click thier mailbox in the folder list.
Choose: Properties for "Mailbox-[username]
Click on Advanced and then the Advanced Tab
Add the user. Click ok, ok, ok.

OR just got the full paccage and...
Buy GFI there is feature to track and open send or what ever some user has send or recived. look at
your allso get spam filter and other usefull features.

trippleO7Author Commented:
Thanks.  Is that for 2003 or 2007?  We're running 2007.  I can't find anything close to that with 2007.  I do remember doing that in 2003 though.
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trippleO7Author Commented:

Thanks for the links.  I found the answer in there.  But there is one thing I'm not able to do once I grant Full Access to the users mailbox.  In my testing, I've granted Jane Doe Full Access to John Doe's mailbox.

From Jane Doe's mailbox, I open up John Doe's Inbox (File > open > other user's folder), but that's all I get, just the inbox.  What about all of the sub folders?  Where do I get access to them?


That's by desing.
If you want to get all folders and subfolders then you have to add like this.
trippleO7Author Commented:
Gah I knew that!  Stupid me.  Thanks for pointing that out!  I'm Increasing the points for having to train me in Outlook as well :)
trippleO7Author Commented:
You don't happen to know if I have to grant the user "FullAccess", as I'd rather grant the user read-only access so they can't delete items on the mailbox.
Well, I don't know where U live. But in here, if I give someone that kind of access for full then it's illegal.

I'll only give read only, jus for be sure.
trippleO7Author Commented:
Yeah, I prefer to grant read-only.  But it appears I can only grant full access?  Living in the US and our computer use policy states our supervisors are allowed to do this sort of thing if there's reason to believe the employee is mis-using the computer,network,etc (porn, hacking, spamming, etc).

I'm just the person to provide the information, not actually perform it.

Here's the command I'm performing on my test users which grants Jane full access to John's mailbox:

Add-MailboxPermission domain\john -user domain\jane -AccessRights FullAccess

I only want read-only permission so I tried this command:

Add-MailboxPermission domain\john -user domain\jane -AccessRights ReadPermission

But the latter command must only be availble for Jane to see who has permissions to Johns mailbox....not a view-only mailbox role like I had hoped.

Here are the values I can use:
(from article


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