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Hi Guys, Im running a windows 2003 Server(Exchange) and a Dell PowerEdge2950. In addition I have a IPCop firewall server and a blackberry server. I need a back up solution for all of these. What is the backup solution I have for all of the above? any suggestions guys?

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techcontractingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Bitleap is incredibly simple to use.  It uses an on site server that you can log in remotely to via the internet.
Useful link to backup your win 2003 server,

Following link would guide you to backup Blackberry server,

For IPCop firewall you might wanna refer the following link,
Not sure how much they r of your help.

In addition, I do recommend off-site backups of your servers.  I've recently been using a company called Bitleap at

I've had many problems backing up to tape and removable devices.
moeshakirAuthor Commented:
How are the services with Bitleap? are they easy to work with?
Iron mountain being the biggest now in terms of hosted backups imperial data, backupdirect all resellers

however i am looking to implement a d2d storage server by hp get all the servers backing up to this then a weekly offsite backup via USB or hosted of this d2d server. Simple.

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