Cannot Access php files

We have a web site where all the files are pure html, but we are using extension php because eventually these will contain php code.

The site is structured with folders for each site section; for example, the "About" section is in folder about, etc.

The main page of the about section is about/index.php. The link is: <a href="about/index.php">

All of the links to php files in subfolders produce "No input file specified. "

Richard KortsAsked:
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
that means that the .php exention is not registered.
what is your web server? apache? iis?
you should go through the documentation how to add an extention (ie .php)
I assume you are in a windows environment and running php as a cgi. Am I correct?

One solution is to run php as a module instead of a cgi which will also increase performance dramatically.

Have you set the 'doc_root' setting correctly in your php.ini
something like
where the path to the like you list above is
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