Macs, Windows Server 2003 domains, ISA, Surf Control and bears...OH MY!

How are you guys handling Macs on a Windows domain?  

Our primary network at the school/church is a Windows Server 2003 domain with ISA 2004 and Surf Control.  We install the MS firewall client on all of the PCs.  No one can access the network or surf the web w/out joining the domain and w/out the firewall client installed on the PC.

Now, along comes all the Mac users!

I can get them out to the internet by putting our ISA proxy settings and the user's credentials into Safari and Entourage works well enough on our exchange server.  Where I'm having some confusion is the best way to access mapped/shared drives on the network (they don't reconnect when the mac users reboots), and how to get them thru ISA/Surf Control the best way.

In ISA, I created my first rule and I just allow the Macs out based on their IP.  Since they don't send authentication because they don't have the MS Firewall client, that's the only way I knew of to allow them to surf the web.  After that, Surf Control still controls the content.

So, my question is general in that I'm looking for feedback, tips, tricks, etc for using Macs in a Windows Server 2003 domain with ISA 2004 and Surf Control.


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Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
Hey Cliff. If it has ISA in the mix I'll give it a go.

As far as Shares are concerned, we'll need additional help.

getting them onto the Internet i easier but limited. MAC users cannot authenticat to the ISA server because they do not carry the credentials information in the same way that Windows clients do. In addition, they cannot run the ISA Firewall Client either.

Only option avilable is to use the MACs as SecureNAT clients making sure their default gteways point at the ISA box. As you already know this there is not much I can add.
Hi Cliff,

Have a look at this:-

I've used that site for a couple of years now, very useful :)
I don't need the points btw as I'm a paying user anyway, just giving some help here.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
How did you get on Cliff?
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
Please leave this open a bit longer.  School just started and I'm swamped!  It is still an issue but I have yet to get back to it.  I expect to have it resolved within 14 days.
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