Print to one massive printer from two separate networks...

What is the best way to do the following:
We have two separate networks now ( and
All computers are using Windows XP using Windows
We purchased a Linksys RV042 Router (dual-WAN) that we are going to use with redundant WAN links (2xDSL) this will be the edge router for both organizations.
We also have two (cheap) home-type routers now, but they both have "advanced" routing capabilities for using RIP and creating custom static routes.
We want to be able to print to the same massive network printer from both networks, but we don't want to share any other resources/network connections between the two networks.
We would like to keep the existing network I.P.s if possible. ( and
We considered subnetting, but we would prefer not going that route unless it's the best way to go.
What's the best way to proceed?

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Can either of the routers do IP-forwarding? For example, you could put the printer on one network and then put in a ip-forward from the second back to the first.
PC-GearAuthor Commented:
Yes, I believe they both can do IP forwarding.
best way I can think of

Get an OLd XP machine. Put two NICs in it, one going to 192.168.1.x and other to 192.168.2.x. Connect the printer to this computer and share it.
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PC-GearAuthor Commented:
That is not really a possibility. Can you provide an alternate configuration using routers please?
>>but we don't want to share any other resources/network connections between the two networks.

This is not possible using cheap SOHO routers. You need something that can block/pass traffic by access lists. If you want to do this right, get any cisco router with 3 ethernet interfaces.
using an old xp pc with multiple nics will be cheaper, you don't need keyboard, mouse or display you can if you need to rdp to its ip address
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