DVD writer TS-H562D not working in new PC

I have just purchased a GM5472 PC from Gateway.  It came with Windows Vista Home Premium, but I had it changed to XP.  Additionally, all the programs and contents of my old computer's PC were installed into the new hard disk.  Almost everything works fine, except for the four slots for photo cards, and the DVD writer.  The computer has a TSST Corp CD/DVDW TS-562D, Version GA01, OEM Code GA.  DVD RAM is at drive H.  It reads media all right, but does not write.  I installed Nero 5.0, but it does not recognize the recorder.  
I already tried deleting the LowerFilters Value Data at the Registry key, as suggested in a website, but the only change I got was that the drive is now DVD RAM (before doing so, it said CD ROM).
I also tried getting the drive from Samsung, but was unable to retrieve it.
Thanks in advance for you help.
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cyberpranavConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nero 5 does not support your DVD burner. You will have to upgrade to Nero 6.6 or later. I would really recommend Nero 7.

As the drive is bundled with your Gateway computer, you will have to get the firmware from Gateway, as it will be a OEM drive. But if the drive works fine with Nero 6.6, then there is no need to upgrade the firmware.

Have you tried going to Gateway's website and getting the correct driver and software for XP for your device.  More than likely it was shipped with the Vista version which can be very different.  If they do not have the drivers and software, perhaps the manufacturer can help.  Seeing you are running an OEM license for the device I would start with Gateway.  
Try out latest Nero version. If this doesnt help, try find new firmware for your dvdrw drive.

I have bad experience with TSST dvdrw drive too. It damages all my DVD+R mediums, even if i burnt them on lowest speeds. With DVD-Rs there is not problem.
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