Network File Move using Batch File

I have a  computer on my network that dumps files into an alt folder when it has normal path flow issues and cannot reach it's destination.  what I'm trying to do is create a batch file that will allow me to move those alt files to my local computer, rename the files, then move the files to the destination share... in my simple thinking no experience batch file setting up here is what i've been trying to do that doesn't work but will give you an idea of that i'm looking for

move \\machine1\c\altupld\*.* \\machine2\c$\documents and settings\username\desktop\test\
rename \\machine2\c$\documents and settings\username\desktop\test\*.* name.*
move \\machine\c$\documents and settings\username\desktop\test\*.* \\server\folder\folder\folder\folder\

The rename portion of this works fine, it's the moving aspect I'm doing something wrong.  need a little direction here
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SteveGTRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Aside from the c reference instead of c$ reference in your first move command, you'll want to double quote the file names since there is a space in them:

move "\\machine1\c$\altupld\*.*" "\\machine2\c$\documents and settings\username\desktop\test\"

you could try to use network letters ex:

net use r: \\machine1\c\altupld
net use s: \\machine2\c$
move r:\*.* s:\documents and settings\username\desktop\test\

or try copy follow with del ...
txpaulrsAuthor Commented:
who knew quotes would make such a big difference, obviously I didn't... thanks for the help SteveGTR also Dalton I recognize your method will work as well... thanks for the input
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