Inter-Organization Mailbox Migration

I currently have two Exchange organizatons in two different forests, lets say forest A and forest B. In forest  A, I have an Exchange 2000 SP 3 Organization and in forest B I have an Exchange 2003 SP2 organization. I am needing to consolidate both Exchange Organizations into one in Forest B to accomodate DR. I have been currently testing the Mailbox Migration Wizard and have successfully migrated a mailbox across the forest and been able to receive mail both internally and externally.

My question is, what is the best way to migrate over the public folders and the personal address books/mailbox archives from forest A to forest B since the migration tool will not take care of it. And are there certain steps that I need to follow to complete this migration process successfully, excluding repointing the MX record etc. TIA
beargonefishingDirector of Network InfrastructureAsked:
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Gladys KernsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry - meant to elaborate more.... so you replicate the public folders and then you just disable replication on the source server when you're done with migration.
Gladys KernsCommented:
can you setup cross-forest public folder replication?

Microsoft's "InterOrg" replication utility:

mailbox archives should be movable just by moving the archive.pst file from one computer to another... or do I not understand what kind of archive you're using?

Personal contact lists should come with the mailbox migration itself.
beargonefishingDirector of Network InfrastructureAuthor Commented:
so this replication should work cross forests and trusted domains?
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