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I recently installed a Domino 7.0.2 Messaging server.  Each time I launch the server service, I am prompted for the server's ID file password.  This is not the case with a second Domino 6.5.5 Enterprise server.

How may I configure the service to load with no user intervention?

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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

In answer to your last question, Domino normally does install as a Windows service, but if the ID file requires a password, you still have to supply it.  You would then have to run the srevice as able to interact with desktop, and enter the password.  To avoid that, you need to strip teh password per my instructions.
You need to change the password to blank.

Servers ID's do not usually have a password for exactly this reason.

I hope this helps !
TTCTECHAuthor Commented:
Due to the password security level (7) chosen when registerring the server, the password cannot be changed to blank.
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Then you may have to create a new Server ID and use the new one instead.

This may require you to change the server host name.

Are you sure you can not change the security.

Try to  recertify the Server ID, it may  let you change the PW level then.

TTCTECHAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I'm under the gun on this project, and reworking the Server ID is unfortunately not an option.

I just tried to re-certify, but it appears that Server ID's cannot be re-certified as User ID's can be.

It will probably be easier to recreate than to do the ofllowing steps.  Recreating merely requires to register a new server using the same cert and the same server name as you used previously.  You do not need to change the server name.  The server ID will be new, and teh certfiicates and encryption will be new, but that should have absolutely zero effect on any existing operation, unless the existing server ID used an obscure feature (additional flat certificates).  You may have to recreate some cross-certificates, if there were any specific to the server's ID.

1) Shut down the server
2) Make a backup copy of the server document in the NAB (copy to a backup NAB database or backup the NAB).  Delete the original server doc
3) Register a user with the SAME NAME as the server (same OU, server name entered as user's last name, no first name).  Make sure to register mail on a different server (not the one we are fixing)
4) Copy the server's certificates from the backup to the newly registered user
5) Apply a security policy with no password requirement that will cover this ID
6) Set up a new location doc on your workstation pointing to the new user's mail file
7) Copy the server ID to your workstation. Switch to the server ID
8) The policy should get applied to the server ID as soon as you access "your" mail, so you can now change the password on your wokstation
9) Copy the modified server ID back to the server
10) Delete the dummy person entry
11) Copy back the original server doc
12) Bring the server back up
TTCTECHAuthor Commented:
Is there no way to launch the Domino Server service via Windows (service logon)?

Well Domino is a Service, and should start automatically, but you will still need the password.

Since Domino runs on many different OS's, it is designed to be OS independent.

You will need to either recertify or create a new Server ID ( you can use the same name ) and set the PW level to low and use no password.

It only takes about 5 minutes.

You may need to delete the Old server document before doing this.

I hope this helps !
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