Can you log into a domain by a ip address instead of a domain name.

It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for our clients to log onto our domain. i heard that you can make ti logon not by domain name but rather by the ip address which speeds the process. CAn anywon help here. Its a dns issue which at the moment can not be fixed so trying another option to speed the process up.
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Assuming you're referring to an Active Directory domain, no, this must be done using the domain name so that the client can access the relevant SRV records for that domain.  You may be thinking of being able to map network drives to remote file servers via IP address, like mapping to \\\share rather than \\\share.  This does not apply when dealing with an AD domain.

Laura is correct.  Microsoft Logons are in the form on DOMAIN NAME\User Name.  There is no IP Address for a domain name.  Try unplugging the network cable before log on and then reconnect after local cache log on lets you in.  I am assuming you are doing this locally on your network?  If you are having that big of a DNS problem, I suspect you have problems connecting to other machines other than via IP address and connecting to Internet.


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