Safari Constant Quitting


I am currently having problems getting Safari to work without it quiting on every open. The problem started after I had to reinstall OSX Tiger due to an unknown issue of my Powerbook G4 not getting past the blue screen.

Safari loads up my homepage which is the Apple site but the when I try to load any other page it quits out. This happens every single time and Safari never loads up the next page before it quits. Firefox, Opera and Apple mail work fine. My Software Updates are up to date, and am lost for possible solutions from searching online.

Thanks for your time


MacOsx Version 10.4.10
Powerbook G4
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Try this document from Apple:

If that doesn't work, then maybe it's a Safari Plug-in.

You can find them in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins and /Users/<username>/Library/Internet Plug-Ins.

Move them into separate folders on your desktop and try opening Safari again.

Step 1:

Close Safari
Move ~/Library/Preferences/ to the trash
Reopen Safari

If that doesn't work:

Try installing the Safari 3.0.3 beta. This might be a quick fix for you.

Assuming all the basics have been done permissions repairs etc I think I would recomend reinstalling Safari from the manual dmg from the apple site
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episodeAuthor Commented:
neither of the solutions work I am afraid. Downloaded the beta safari and uninstaled the last safari but it still quits out like before.

I also forgot to mention that the same thing happens when using Azureus and the stand alone GoogleVideo player. These are the only ones that it happens to, but there maybe others I have not used in a while.

Not sure if that will help in trying to find the problem.

Is it possible to download the previous version of Safari pheidius? As all I can find is the Beta version
episodeAuthor Commented:
Thanks mmconsultant for the link to the Apple Doc.

It turned out to be a Cookies Issue and once that "cookies.plist" seemed to have some bad stuff going on. Strangly deleting that helped seem to stop some other programs from quiting out as well.

Fingers cross everything seems to be fine and will stay fine. Thanks again
Great. Glad I could be of assistance. Good Luck!
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