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Whole database EXPORT

      I want to refresh a development database with production data. The database size is around 3GB.  As this is a full EXPORT and IMPORT of the database, how can i truncate the before data in development instance? I can directly IMPORT but that would leave some duplicate data. So, i would like to clean the development database first and then IMPORT with the new production data. Do i have to go and do a truncate at each user level or is there any way to get around this problem?

Also, do we have to do a FULL database export as SYS? or will the SYSTEM work?

Any information will be of great help.

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
FULL exports are fine.  There are those that will disagree with me but I would not do a FULL import.  FULL imports also try to import the SYSTEM user (or at least it used to.  I haven't done them in a while for this very reason).

SYSTEM should work fine for the export and import.

Depending on the number of schemas in the system, I would probably drop and recreate all the schemas then do a 'OWNER' specific import for the schemas in question.  This would be quicker than truncating all the tables ( again it depends on the setup).
I would add:  Create a specific user that you will use for all your exports, with the following privileges as Sys:

create user backup_user identified by backup_user default tablespace users;
grant connect, exp_full_database, imp_full_database, select_catalog_role, unlimited tablespace, select any sequence, become user, backup any table, analyze any to backup_user;

grant select on sys.incexp to backup_user;
grant select on sys.incfil to backup_user;
grant select on sys.incvid to backup_user;            

Now use this to import as slightwv says.

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