what to do after temp defrag of edb and stm

hi everyone,

I have defrag the edb and stm by using

eseutil /d <path> /t<external drive>

it has done the defrag and free up almost 5 gb but the temdefrag is in external drive and the size of the original db is same , what should i do now , shall i copy the defrag edb and stm to the location and rename the original one please help?
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Mmm. If the process completed without error then I'd make sure I have a copy of all the files and then move the tempdfg and stm files into the mdbdata folder and rename it and then try to mount the store. Make sure that you do have a backup copy of all of the files so in a worst case you can go back to where you are right now but I don't think you will have any issues.

You should also be able to run eseutil /mh y:\tempdfg.edb to check the consistency of the defrag copy of the database first.

Can you post the exact command you ran to defrag the database. Normally the temp file is automatically moved back to the default location but you can disable instating which means that both the defrag version and the non-defrag version are preserved.

ammartahir1978Author Commented:
eseutil /d d:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb  /ty:\tempdfg.edb

this is what i did as i dont have 110% space on the d drive
ammartahir1978Author Commented:
where do i run this command from ? to check the consistency i am already copy the the tempdfg.edg and stm to its original location and i have also rename them to priv1.edb but i am not replacing the original one.

what i did is i CUT the original files and copy them across to external drive and name them as .old and then rename the tempdfg.edb to priv1 and same for stm file and nwo i am copying it across to original location and then will mount the store..is this okay
You can run it form the Exchange server eseutil is the same utility you used for the defrag but the /mh option just checks the database consistency. I think you are going to be fine but the consistency check is just another thing to know before trying to mount the database. If its consistent then it should mount fine once its copied and renamed correctly.
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