Exchange 2003 Queues Empty but messages not being sent out sometimes, restart sends out messages.

I have a Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server running on a Windows 2003 Server. Both the GC and DC are also a Windows 2003 Server Machines.

Unknown to me I guess some of our mail hasn't been getting delievered. Our Queues show empty like mail is flowing normally, however I restarted the machine for the first time in about 3 months the other day and we spammed the world with all of the e-mail tha thad not been delievered.

I'm wondering where I can look for those messages so that it doesn't happen again, and how I can check to see if it is happening again. it's a problem, but I don't see any errors any where that call attention to it. I don't see any growth of files anywhere that could Explain it.
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There could be two causes to this.
The greylisting bug
Antivirus or antispam software hanging on to the messages.

If you can see a pattern to the email messages (same domain for example) then it could be the greylisting bug.

AaronITAuthor Commented:
The only antivirus software or antispam software currently installed is Symantec's Corportate Antivirus. I removed Symantec's Mail scanner months ago because of that and we use a hardware based device now.

Greylisting bug?  I haven't heard of that, is there any way to confirm or check on that?  Secondly is there a folder or somewhere that can be checked to see if there are messages waiting to go out? Lastly how i do fix it if it is the greylisting bug?

Appreciate the quick response.
You should ensure that the Symantec corporate AV is not scanning any part of the Exchange server directories. That includes everything under the /exchsrvr directory.
A better option would be to remove it and get something that works properly without using more RAM than Exchange.

You cannot check for the greylisting bug, as there is no sign of it.
This Google search will point you to various sites that have talked about it.

If you add/modify this key in the registry on the Exchange server, then restart the SMTP Server service, that works around the greylisting bug.



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AaronITAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the advice.  I do believe it is the grey listing bug, however I do not have the above path in my registry. I get to SMTPSVC and I don't have a queueing subfolder just ENUM, Paramters, Perfromance, Security and XEXCH50.

Any suggestions on that?  I know you said add or modify, wasn't sure if you meant add the folder as well as the key or?
AaronITAuthor Commented:
To update my above, this article explains Sembee's registry key. That should be the answer.

Sembee, thanks for your help.
You have to add everything. I have the key in a registry file for easy deployment, so I guess that creates the full structure if required.

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