Exchange 2003 SP2 + OWA - Http 500 Internal Server Error

Hi Experts

I have a problem on a new exchange server. Its been running fine for 2 weeks and now all of a sudden when some of my users are accessing their emails using Exchange 2003 OWA & Internet Explorer 6 (SP2) they get an error message stating "HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error".

I have diabled the firendly error messages on the browser and i get: "The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted".

I am running Exchange 2003 in a Active Directory environment and The Exchange server is a Global Catalog Server (Domain Controller).

The server o/s is Windows server 2003 SP2.

I have had a look at the Event Viewer however there are no errors showing up on it - which seems very strange!

I have had a look at a few posts on EE but cant find a solution - can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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BAFPAuthor Commented:
Hi All

i have checked this all out and it it turns out to be that due to the fact that i had restricted users to their own pc - this in turn basically locked them out of OWA if they used another PC.

I have removed their PC assignments within active directory and its fixed the problem.
Thanks for your help!
Are you using Integrated or Forms based authentication for OWA?
BAFPAuthor Commented:
im using the default config... integrated authentication.

The IIS site does not have a certificate (so Forms based authentication would not work).
BAFPAuthor Commented:

thanks for ur help - i think i might have just realised whats happened.

The user account has a restriction that its only able to logon to a certain PC on the network.

I have just tried to take it off so that i can connect up using any PC and it seems to have done the trick.

I will test it further and let you know.

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