Missing ARP Entries in CATOS

my Cisco 4006 SUP II only show entries in ARP after I connect to the switch via telnet.  It will only have entries in ARP for the computers that I have used to telnet into the SUP.  The switch appears to be working fine as all the computers can talk to each other.  Why would the table not show entries for all devices?


Console> (enable) sh arp
ARP Aging time = 1200 sec
+ - Permanent Arp Entries
* - Static Arp Entries                             at 00-11-11-ee-39-91 port  2/10 on vlan 1                             at 00-11-11-ee-3f-05 port  2/3 on vlan 1
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
Because the ARP cache of the supervisor is ONLY used when the supervisor communicates with a device. It is not used to pass traffic. The CAM table is all that is needed to forward traffic.
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