Forwaring phone numbers on Channelized T1

I have a channelized MFT T1 feeding my VOIP system.  We had the T1 card go bad and I requested to our carrier that they forward our main phone number to another number not on our system.  They said this wasn't possible because it's a T1 line.  Is this true or is it just an excuse?

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Reid PalmeiraConnect With a Mentor Telecom EngineerCommented:
Depends on the provider. In most cases where they refuse this, its' more a policy of that company than a real technical issue. Check your voice service. if there is a call forwarding feature on the T1 voice service you have, you should be able to do it.

If you have a PRI, or fractional PRI going to your voip system this may be theh issue since most of time DID's are built in groups and you aren't allowed to "break" (bad choice of words, but not sure how else to explain it) the groups.
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