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As of now i am setting up our first DC in what would be called another site.  Right now I have DC1 at one location and DC2 in another location.  These two locations are seperated by many many miles.  What i want to do is create two sites.  Each DC will be in its own site where computers and each location will use the correct DC so i can reduce the load on our WAN.  Both sites are in the same domain, same forest, same subnet.  The only thing that is different about them is that one site uses the 10.1.x.x  IP and the other site usies 10.5.x.x.  What is the best way to create 2 sites to help keep things organized?
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HOw are you planning to route or forward the traffic in between them as well as from the main office to these two spokes?
Are you planning to have two separate VPNs from your main office to these DCs?
Any plans of using any firewalls?

You can create SITES in AD Sites & Services. For example you can create SiteA and SiteB and move the relevent DC under its belonging site. Ensure you set up Replication in NTDS Settings.

Open DNS and expand Forward Lookup Zone > Domain > _sites. You should be able to see the two sites here. Each site should have their _kerbros and _ldap record pointing to its own DC.

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
So you actually have two subnets 10.1.x.x  and 10.5.x.x!
Good you need at least one subnet on each site to do the next bit properly

Firstly you need to create the subnet information in Active Directory Sites and Services and then you create the sites and assign each subnet to a site.

Ideally each site should have its own DC, Global Catalog, DNS and DHCP server to provide redundancy and to avoid unnecessary intersite traffic.

The clients should have the address of their local DNS server set as the preferred DNS server and the remote DNS server as the alternate DNS server.
dave_mcdowellAuthor Commented:
How do i setup NTDS settings.  Do i assume that when i setup the site and put the Ip address in i can put the address as and mask of for site one and for site 2 put the addrses of with a mask of  Also, the 2nd site will be a DC, GC and DNS but wont have a DHCP.  is that a problem on the DHCP part?  Also, in site one i have 3 other locations that i dont want to be part of another site  and be part of site 1 which are 10.2.x.x, 10.3.x.x and 10.4.x.x.


dave_mcdowellAuthor Commented:
I configured two sites, one site that has everybody else but the 10.5.x.x.  the other side is created with the correct DC's in the correct site.  the IP link is between both sites.  However, i am still seeing computer from the other site still logging on to the DC's from the wrong site.  What can i do to fix this.
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