Annoying e-mail message. Subject: QUIT

One Customer started to receive an anoying e-mail message that sem she is sending to herself and some undisclossed recipiets. The PC is spayware free and virus free. Anyone has heard of something like this

From: her e-mail[mailto:her e-mail
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 8:50 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

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The only way to tell where this is actually coming from is to look atht eh full email headers.

This will show if it is originating within your organisation or if its being sent by a spam zombie somewhere who has harveted her address. You do not mention what email system you are using, but a quic Google search should tell you how to obtain the full email headers of these mysterious messages.
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
No, new one for me. Sure the boss isnt involved?

Is it in her sent items? Not fool proof but could show that the message originated at her box. Do the headers show that it came from outside?
I have a few emails like that, from someone@my email address to me@my email address.
That happens when you post your email at forums or subscribed to sites where they sell/give your email address to phisers/scammers.

I have an email address that I use to subscribe newsletters, and use on online surveys, and my email account is bombarded with unbelievable junks where I have to install junk filter(I use Qurb) which works very well.

My pc is clean, so I ruled it out to my own doings of subscribing to not so trusted sites and posting on forums.

I don't worry about it now, they go straight to Qurb folder.
That might be what she needs, filter it out.
phermiAuthor Commented:
thanks. I know about the heades,,,, issue is she deleted the message in dispair and I only have a copy she forwarded.

For now, this is closed as she has not received any other I can get a hold on.

Thanks again

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