Exchange 2007 + OWA + Junk EMail Filter

I use an Exchange 2007 server, and a good number of my clients use the OWA client to access their mailbox. I have found that evidently a user's Junk EMail filter is not enabled out of the box. I have WAY too many users to manually login and enable it for them.

Is there a script out there which will allow me to turn on this option on all mailboxes easily? I have played with the get-mailbox | set-mailbox commands, but to no avail
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Open the Exchange Manage Console.
1.Expand Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport.
2.Select the Transport Rules(if you are using transport rules) tab.  
3.Under the Actions section, click on New Transport Rule.
In the 'New Transport Rule wizard enter the 'Name' for the connector in the Introduction screen. The name can be set to: Set SCL level.
4.In the Conditions screen enable the check box When the subject field contains specific words.
Set the specific word to SPAM
5.In the Actions screen enable the check box Set the spam confidence level to value.
Set the value to 8 or 9.
6.No exceptions are required to be configured in the Exceptions screen.  
7.Complete the Wizard
Or the next option can be that you can export the rules and then ask users to import it.
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jasenwalkerAuthor Commented:
I think that what I was wanting to do was different than what you were thinking - Within a user's OWA account, under options - Junk EMail - the default selection is to not filter junk email. I wish to change this setting to Automatically filter junk e-mail for all users - just not manually.
Well i dont think you can control the junk email filter in OWA, it would be best to control it form your exchange server.
jasenwalkerAuthor Commented:
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