Photoshop CS3 Performance issue with CSRSS.EXE using 100% of the processor

Posted on 2007-08-01
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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I am requesting help again because of Photoshop. Previously (on the same computer) I had installed CS2 and had some pretty bad performance issues. They were solved simply by turning off FONT PREVIEW. However, in this latest version, CS3, the fix is not as forthcoming, but I do believe it is still font related. What happens now in Photoshop, it loads up beautifully, at a fair speed of about 45 seconds. But, as soon as I click on the type tool or palette I have an 8 minute wait as it gathers info from my 4000+ fonts, after which it is fine. During the time it is doing this csrss.exe is using 50% max on this machine (listed below) as well as 100% on my office Machine which has an Athlon 64 +3400 processor. Disabling font preview does NOT work in this situation at all. Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat and Flash CS3 versions all load extremely slow as well. I believe the only differences is that Photoshop waits until you access the type tool to build a font library, whil the toher build it at load up. I am looking for a solution to this slow down in my productivity and I don't want to hear that I must slim down my font collection :) I am still using Adobe Type Manager 4.1, which I realize is outdated too.
I will reward the max points to whoever figures this out.
My computer is:
AMD 64 X2 4200+
DFI Lanparty NF4 UT SLI-DR
2GB Dual Channel DDR (4X1024MB) Corsair XMS
2 - 300gb Seagate SATA 150 HD's
1 - XFX nVidia 8600gt 360MB GDDR3 Video Card (sli able but only got one right now)
DVD Burner and Flash Media Drive
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Question by:ITS_Tim
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Weird as it may sound this might help.

As per the last 2 comments in here

"The 5 minute load problem with Flash CS3 on XP seems to be linked to csrss.exe"

"I had some weird font stuff in my system.ini file. I removed that and everything (Flash CS3, Acrobat Reader 8, FireFox, etc) now works fine."

Take a look in your system.ini and see whats there.
(Click on start, then run and type in system.ini and hit enter)

Mine only contains the following.




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I have already done that on both of my computers and I have not seen any benefit in the load times.

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thinkwelldesigns earned 1500 total points
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Couple things stand out to me.

4000+ installed fonts is WAAAAAAAAY too many fonts to have active. Use Adobe Type Manager (ATM) to activate only the fonts you use, and then deactivate them. I would try to get down to 400-600 fonts if at all possible. (By the way, I like Font Expert, from www.proximasoftware.com) But ATM will still allow you to manage your fonts on an OS level.

You do have a fairly capable machine, but 2 gb of RAM is certainly no overkill for photoshop, and this is aggravated by having so many fonts installed at once.

The Athlon 64 +3400 machine you mentioned...is that also include all the fonts, or not? How much ram does it have? That single core processor is significantly weaker than your main dual core system so it should be significantly slower on that machine.

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The thing is, with font preview turned off, Photoshop CS2 ran fine on both machines. (the Athlon 64 has 1gb memory and has the same fonts).
And, maybe its just me, but Adobe, who SHOULD understand the creative community out there, SHOULD improve the way that their programs handle fonts, but it seems quite opposite.
with every new release (I have had the same amount of fonst all along) the fonts have become more and more of an issue. I would rather NOT turn off those fonts because I use them often in my design process. I create logos, and advertisments, etc. where I need to be able to scan thru them quickly and efficiently within the context of what I am doing at the moment. Disabling them is not an option really.
I may be a minority in wanting to keep them all, but that is how I work with the fonts. And as I said, it seems rediculous that the same number worked fine in previous releases (albeit with a tweak in cs2) but now is a major issue.

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Well, leaving aside the workflow discussion, I certainly would try getting down to 400-600 fonts and see if that fixes your problems. That is a recommended best-practice to reduce loaded fonts.

IMO, Adobe is improving the way their programs handle fonts. A WYSIWYG menu is vastly superior to a simple list, AFK. Give me a good font manager to get full size previews and view font characters, etc.

Are you really SURE you regularly use 4,000 fonts? I'd be willing to bet there are 1,500 you haven't used in the past year, or never at all. (but I don't mean to be disagreeable, <grin>)
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i have faced the very same problem with all the versions of PS i have used till now
ultimately i was forced to uninstall all my extra fonts which was over 2000

now i use Font Thing to browse and look for my fonts whenever designing and then i install ONLY the required fonts. In that way i don't have to install all the 2000+ fonts and can work with only the required fonts :)

Font Thing

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Sorry to have taken so long to return to update this issue. I am not 100% certain (partially because I have only done this on one machine) that I have solved the issue, however, it seems that it is working adequately well now.

I uninstalled Adobe Type Manager 4.1, and installed Extensis Suitcase, then rebooted, and now it seems fairly good. In Photoshop, when I click on the type tool, or type properties, it will pause for 8-10 seconds, then all is well. This is acceptable compared to the 8-10 minute waits I was previously experiencing.

This is all on my AMD 64 3400+ Machine. I have not had a chance to try the same program on my X2, but I expect it should be even better.

I am happy about this because, essentially, I get to keep my 4000 fonts and still get reasonable efficiency from the programs.

One thing, however, has me puzzled after all this. ATM seems to have made all the fonts I had on the machine into system fonts, and, at this point the only way I can change this is to manually remove every font that I installed, being carefull to leave the NEEDFUL system fonts in place, which - as you can imagine - will be a daunting task. Suitcase is unable to deactivate a font that is listed as a system font.

I believe this is what was more particularly the issue, when opening Illustrator, and Flash with their long load times, as well as the font trouble in PS. But as it is now, everything is running smoothly enough to not be really bothered about that.

I will be awarding some points to thinkwelldesigns as he was the one to 1st mention using font management. I just think that ATM has probably outlived its abiltiy to keep up with all the releases of Adobe since it was last updated. I am surprised they have not made a new font management program.

I will officially close this thread when I try the same proceedure on my X2 PC, which I am certain it will work.

Thank you all for your input, and you certainly helped me get a solution to this issue (even if it may not be THE solution, it works).

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Thanks for the points. Hope it works better for you.

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Ok, the last update:

I did the identical thing on my X2 machine and the same results apply...albeit a bit faster.

Again, thank you for the input, and take care all.

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