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Urgent:SIMPLE Need help in getting the node rather than the value of node

here is what i am doing

xlist := xslprocessor.selectNodes(xmldom.makeNode(xdoc),'//DataSht/Parameters/*/Pass[text()=''false'']/..');
      htp.p( xmldom.getLength(xlist));
      FOR cur_emp IN 0 .. xmldom.getLength(xlist) - 1 LOOP
          xnode := xmldom.item(xlist, cur_emp);
          p_spec := xslprocessor.VALUEOF(xnode,'Pass');
      end loop;
i can get the value of all those pass nodes whose text is false. now i want to get this failed PASS node's parent value. how can i get it
1 Solution
Geert BormansCommented:
can you try something like this?
xlist := xslprocessor.selectNodes(xmldom.makeNode(xdoc),'//DataSht/Parameters/*[Pass[text()=''false'']]');
samir25Author Commented:
the problem is valueof

p_spec := xslprocessor.VALUEOF(xnode,'Pass');
I need to print the node not the value.

with you above change it gave error
ORA-31011: XML parsing failed ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing LPX-00601: Invalid token in: '//DataSht/Parameters/*[Pass[text()='false']]'
ORA-06512: at "XDB.DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR", line 900 ORA-06512: at "XDB.DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR", line 928 ORA-06512: at "WEBSTART.TEST1", line 194

if i remove /.. also (without adding a ]) then also i dont get the desired result. problem is i dont have to use valueof...it shoudl be something else.
using like getparentnode. but i am not able to use it
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Please provide a small test case.  This should include sample data and expected results.

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