Mails with attachment for external clients queue up in smtp

I am managing a windows server 2003 with Microsoft Exchange SBS on same; also on the server are Symantec Mail Security for Microsft Exchange and Bright Mail Antispam. Things were working perfectly until last friday when i noticed that every mail with attachment meant for external clients has stopped going through my smtp and was queueing up.

Kindly help
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Any feedback? Did you get things running?
are you sure all exchange services are running on the server?
did you change settings on the server/symantec mail security?
check the new settings you have changed on the antispam software and the mail security software and check also for the space of the drives becuase if the  drive of the smtp queue folder haven't drive space that will happen also to wait to free up some space to proceed with the e-mail with this attachment
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Are there any errors relating to the emails with attachments in your servers event logs?

As mentioned by the guys above check through all of your anti-spam settings, but specifically you want to look for options relating to attachments. Perhaps you have accidentally set them to block attachments? Or maybe some kind of administrator approval on attachments?

If your anti spam system has AntiVirus scanning are these services all running ok? Can you perhaps restart them?

Does restarting your SMTP Virtual Server make any difference?

Does forcing a connection from within the Queues area in System Manager make any difference?
matrixsolicitorsAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

As it is now; i cannot send outbound mails with or without attachment through my smtp. The sttings on my SBS smtp connector allows for the forwarding of mails through the connector[ISP]smart hosts.This is the option i have been using for over a year.

The objective of this option is to route mail through a smart host that assumes responsibilty for DNS name resolution and mail delivery

I have just subscribed to an ISP and was given but i was not given IP address[as the former ISP]but a name.However, after connection was completed; i can browse and also access OWA.

The only snag now is the transmission of mails [with or without attachment]through the Smtp smart host.

Kindly help ASAP

matrixsolicitorsAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

All external mails are still pending in the Queue of my SBS SMTP

Still on the foregoing.Kindly find below some of the messages seen on my server event log:

1. Could not scan 2 files inside C:\users shared folder\ user name\ desktop\acrobat due to
    extraction errors encountered by the Decomposer engine

2. The database "First storage Group\[xxxx]" has 555 megabytes of free space after
    online defragmentation has terminated

3.  The qurantine directory has exceeded a set limit
      Limit information
      Quarantine data limit specify not to keep data more than 7days currently at least one Quarantine item
      is Older than this limit

4   Event ID 1216 MSExchangeIS Mailbox
     The exchange store ' First Storage Group\Mailbox Store[xxx]' is limited to 18GB. The current physical
     size of this database[the.edb file and the.stm file]is 9GB. If the physical size of this database minus
     its logical free space exceeds the limit of 18GB, the database will be dismounted on a regular basis

5.  User hit their limit quota threshold on volume C:
     Smtp could not connect to the DNS server The protocol used was UDP: it may be
     down or inaccesible

Thank you
Olaoluwa Nelson
well, then it's pretty obvious that you users mailboxes are getting too big.
or you tell the users to cleanup their mailboxes or you upgrade exchange to sp2 which has a limit of 75GB istead of 18
matrixsolicitorsAuthor Commented:
Hi suppsaws,

Agreed that the mailboxes are getting big; but can this be a factor? and can you help with the site for exchange upgrade?

matrixsolicitorsAuthor Commented:
I have cleaned up users mailboxes but still having same problem; Kindly be informed that I relay my mails through my ISP smarthost. I have telnet the smtp to confirm that I have not been blocked but i was able to handshake the other end.
well, just download and install SP2, it's pretty straightforward.
Also, you could have a call to the isp to check if everything really isn't blocked.
Testing for just a handshake via Telnet is not a conclusive way to test that mail will flow, you need to go through the whole process.
Also hitting your database size limit generally tends to cause your databases to dismount rather than just stopping outgoing email. You will know when this happens since OWA will not work (or normal MAPI connections via Outlook). Please also note that simply installing SP2 will not raise your database size limits autokmatically, there are registry keys that need changing. More info here -

Looking at error 5 on your list -
"5.  User hit their limit quota threshold on volume C:
     Smtp could not connect to the DNS server The protocol used was UDP: it may be
     down or inaccesible"
The first line of text (quota) is not related to the error below it (SMTP and DNS), however the error below does show that you have a DNS problem which would stop mail flowing.

Can you please check your DNS settings on the server, you mentioned changing ISP could it be you are using your old ISP's DNS settings rather than your new?
Are you forcing your mail system to use specific DNS servers?

Please try to follow this article, you may find this fixes your issue or at least points you in the right direction -
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