Override the Internet Mail Service and set smart host on Default SMTP connector


I have an Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 migration environment.  We have moved 99% of all mailboxes to the new server and I would now like all external smtp traffic to be delivered threw the 2k3 server instead of the 5.5 server. This as we currently having problem with bouncing mail on reply mail. It seems like mail only bounces we users do a reply.
I found out that running the consistency Adjuster on the 5.5 server might solve the issue. But as the database on the 5.5 server is not optimal and it need an offline defrag (that will take more than 10h) would I like to reroute all mail directly to the 2k3 server.

I would like to do this without uninstalling the Internet connector on the 5.5 server to be able to fall back quickly if any problems occur. I do just dont know any smart solution for this as the Internet Connector overrides any configuration that I will do on the default smtp connector on the2k3 server. This as the 5.5 and 2k3 server is in the same site.

I thought for a while that I could disable the Internet Mail connector to never run but I could not find that option. Does any one have any smart solutions. My external host is really easy to reconfigure as I there only points to an ip address for the domains that I would like to send.
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Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
ADMT would have fixed your bounce issue. What you must do now is add the old legacyexchange (EX) address from the mailboxes to the user's AD account as an X.500 address. Then exchange will know where to route the reply messages. ADMT would have done that.

You can create an SMTP connector on 2003 ESM to route mail in and out. Set it to higher cost than the 5.5 one. I would then raise the cost on the 5.5 to higher than 2K3. If mail flows good leave it that way. If not lower the cost on 5.5 again and troubleshoot 2k3.

I believe fixing the EX is your most pressing issue and would fix that first.
Carl_LarssonAuthor Commented:
I will install an extra smtp connector on the exch2k3 as well. I just thought that there might be an easier solution but never mind installing an extra smtp is quite fast.

I'm not sure however what you mean by add the old EX as a 500 address. I didn't do the actual migration but as that is already done how could I now afterwards correct this issue quick and easy? The migration was made with an ADC and Move Mailbox.
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Carl_LarssonAuthor Commented:
More problems! I configured an new smtp connector on the Exch2k3 machine with an smart host configured. I configured it to relay all smtp domains with the cost of 1. I also configured it to use the exch2k3 as bridgehead. I then replicated the configuration to the 5.5 server and recalculated the routing information there. All configurations looked good but the mail did just loop. Exch2k3 sent it to the 5.5 server and the 5.5 server thought the exc2k3 had an cheaper internet connector. (the 5.5 server has 100 in it imc)
It seems like mail does not reach the imc on the 2k3 as it from the mta delivers to the 5.5 server with the x.400 connector. What am I missing?
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
The 5.5 connector probably has a cost of 1 too. They can loop to each other when busy. They can't have the same cost. Put the 2K3 at 10. That should stop your looping. After it clears up, then change 5.5 to 20. Mail should flow out through 2K3.
Carl_LarssonAuthor Commented:
the 5.5 connector has a cost of 100 and the exch2k3 has 1. I have confirmed this in both the 5.5 enviroment and in the 2k3 with winroute.
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
look at your virtual SMTP server on 2K3. Ensure you didn't configure the 5.5 as a smart host, should be DNS routing.
Carl_LarssonAuthor Commented:
There is no smart host on the virtual smtp servern on the 2k3 system. There is an smart host on the smtp connector on the 2k3 server as I must use that. The 2k3 server is not allowed to talk smtp directly to internet. (I have tried to also configure the virtual smtp with the correct external smart host that I use on the connector but thats make no difference)

The strange ting that I cant understand is if I trace an mail sent from the 2k3 server to an external user the smtp connector delivers the mail to the MTA that delivers it to the 5.5 with x.400. I cant understand why It gets delivered to the mta at all. As the 2k3 server has its one smtp connector with lover cost shuld it not deliver directly to the external smart host configured and not to the mta?

Could any one explain the exact mail flow when I post an email from outlook to an external site threw me 2k3 server. (This to be able to see in what step it goes wrong now)

For example

1.      Outlook -> mapi 2k3
2.      Mapi -> smtp connector
3.      smtp connector -> virtual smtp host
4.      virtual smtp host -> smart host
5.      smart host -> external mail system

Im not sure of who overrides who as my connector needs and virtual bridgehead and my virtual smtp server is not configured with an smart host. As what I know should any smart host configured on the smtp connector override any settings made on the virtual smtp server?
Carl_LarssonAuthor Commented:
I found the problem my self. The problem was that my ADC server could not be routing master. If I changed the master role to the Production cluster it got aware of any new smtp connectors and routed by them instead.

I found the problem in winroute as the production cluster said not connected to master.
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