Editing blogspot.com xml templates


I am very new to blogging. I just created a blog.

I just downloaded my xml template. There are some changes i would like to edit the template.

I know html, and asp.net programming. However when i look at the xml template that i downloaded i got no clue on how to edit the template. Are there any editors that are available to do the editing of the templates, for example for html i can use dreamweaver.

what about this xml template what should i use?
Are there also any good website that teaches how to edit xml templates? And also blogspot.com is it php?
Because i would like to know in the template what i can change and what i cannot change.

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marklorenzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The template is editable, you can change portions (e.g. to put your own links along the side).  You can also do more...find info here:

How To Edit a Blogger Template

How to install a Blogger HTML template

What can I do with CSS?

Classic Templates
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